When the sweet spot is also an edge

This summer has felt like a sweet spot and an edge at the same time.

Sweet spot because I’m just happy – really enjoying life, even in busyness, and even during most plain, average days. We have reached this point in our marriage in which we enjoy each other’s company more than anything else in the whole wide world. Every day we have fun together – how cool is that!? I feel so lucky and spoiled.

flowers and leaves

Sweet spot because my job is a great place to be, and my coworkers are beyond kind. Sweet spot because we’ve invested in friendships here since we got married and now we have really good friends here in town, in addition to our college friends who are spread all over, friends from home, and our lovely families. We are beyond spoiled.

Edge because I am feeling pulled to give more and serve more, and I’m trying to figure that out. Edge because we’ll find any day now what mixture of work and classes Garret’s fall semester will hold. Edge because that’s hard. Edge because the Lord has answered some prayers of mine lately that were small and huge at the same time, and God has opened doors. So grateful for that. Edge because new creative projects at my job have me excited about the possibilities.

a road in Oklahoma

Edge because I still want to pursue improving as a creative writer, but have been lacking and lagging there lately (and that’s ok), and opportunities have been coming up.

Edge because I’ve been slowly building this little photography business, and this year has brought new opportunities and a ton of work.

I’m making a new website this month, an online space that I want to use to encourage and serve my clients and friends well. A space to hold photos and writing, too. An honest space that I’ll be proud of. And that’s been intense, with so much work to go. Talk about a steep learning curve!

As I look ahead to August and September on our calendar, things really start to look crazy. I need to take hold of these lessons God has showed me in this sweet-spot season and keep them in my heart, continuing to grow-on from here as we jump into new things.

Lessons like: quality, goofy, cuddly time together is always good – try not to neglect that part of marriage; taking the time to make a healthy dinner makes me feel good; planning all-out, dress-up date nights in advance helps us make it a priority, and anticipation makes it more fun; the Lord answers prayers  – you just may not find out that He has for a bit; investing in life-giving, mutual friendships is always worth my time and effort.

Between an edge and a sweet spot, I want to remember that everything changes eventually, and no season lasts forever – so enjoy this one, and in every era be faithful to do the work, wherever you are.

Here’s to taking a leap.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my. I love this post more than I can say. It’s such a refreshing way to review things. You are do well thought out Leslie!

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