Blessed are those who encourage the dieting

So, one very good thing that has happened this year is that Garret and I have both successfully shed some pounds and learned some new, healthy, happy habits. This is something we’re really thankful for.

Sometimes success feels earned, but this success, for me, just feels like grace. The fact that I’ve been able to change feels undeserved, gracious. Now I just need to keep at it. I worked really hard January-March, relaxed and maintained in April and May, and I’m trying to get back on the wagon now. I definitely gained back a few back during recent fun trips. (Which is fine. I’m not usually the kind to be really disciplined on vacation.)


One thing that has meant the world to me throughout this effort is encouragement from friends. Over the past few months, every single time someone tells me out loud and in person that they can tell I’m losing weight, it means so much to me that, honestly…

In that moment, I just want to burst into spontaneous spiritual blessing mode and pray over their sweet little hearts, something along the lines of BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ENCOURAGE THE DIETING, FOR THEY SHOW MERCY ON THE WEARY AND HUNGRY.

I jest. I’m not hungry. Just chocolate-hungry.

Yes, that’s a thing.

(This photo on the right? That’s what chocolate-hungry looks like.)


But really. It’s so deeply encouraging when people take the time and effort to say genuine compliments outloud!

And I like to think that it’s rubbing off on me – some days I just want to throw around compliments like candy.

You are SO smart! I love how you care so well for your family! You’re such a good cook! That dress looks amazing on you! You’re one of my most trusted book-recommenders! That’s awesome that you’re exercising so much! You are doing a great job at work! You encourage me!

And, let’s me honest, some days I’m way too busy being grumpy or choclate-hungry to do this, but I’m working on being compliment-generous more and more often. Not empty flattery, just… kindness. Because I’ve been reminded that kindness can buoy us up. And who doesn’t need that?

So go ahead, pick one of those above compliments – it’s yours. Gratis. xo

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  1. you DO look amazing & I love you outlook on it… so encouraging & such a great way to get away from the negative “dieting” word.

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