Summer bucket list and big goals

new favorite sandals

Summer 2013 bucket list

  • Go to the beach with Garret at least once
  • Visit museums in Houston
  • Go swimming at the gym as much as possible
  • Go shopping at an H&M for the first time
  • Make homemade bread
  • Go to the drive-in movie theater in Hockley
  • Make and can salsa using our homegrown veggies
  • Make smoothies with strawberries from our garden
  • Hangout on the roof of the Corner Bar after work
  • Go see Wicked with Mom and Mel
  • Run in the rain
  • Feed the turtles in the park
  • Sit on the back porch and read more often

Summer 2013 big goals

  • Continue working out and counting calories with My Fitness Pal
  • Lose 12 more lb. by August 31, for a total of 30 lost since January
  • Start up a book club
  • Start up a writing workshop group within the Influence Network
  • Upgrade all of my photography gear
  • Website and branding for Everlee
  • Make all needed arrangements for going to the Influence Network Conference
  • Keep reading like crazy
  • Run a 1/2 mile in 3:30 (did it in 3:07 junior year of high school, for volleyball tryouts)
  • Make photo books for 2011, 2012, and 2013 so far
  • Finish D.C. Trip scrapbook
  • Decorate kitchen table nook
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  1. so I’ve been slowly writing up my summer bucket list & I swear to you half of yours are on my list too. I’ll meet you at the Corner Bar any day of the week after work!

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