Garden update – May 2013

What’s worked for us: Brussels sprouts (!), lettuce, kale, green onions, tomatoes, peppers.
What’s been iffy: strawberries – year 1, broccoli.
What’s not worked: cauliflower.

Right now we’ve got tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers in one bed (the one below), and lettuce, onions, strawberries, kale, green onions and spinach in the other. Here are some recent looks at how everything is growing!

GardenUpdateMay_2 GardenUpdateMay_4 GardenUpdateMay_3 GardenUpdateMay_1

And these are from a few weeks ago, in mid-April:

GardenUpdateMay_6 GardenUpdateMay_7 GardenUpdateMay_8 GardenUpdateMay_9 GardenUpdateMay_5

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2 Responses to Garden update – May 2013

  1. TheDeafia says:

    I like the garden. It’s beautiful! 🙂

  2. debie grace says:

    I like your garden. This inspires me so much. 🙂

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