Hold on


Hold on, friend.

When your dreams feel like old myths.
When you feel full to the brim with words words words.
When everything around you is growing.
When everything and everyone around you is decaying.

When your running on diet dr. pepper and bon bons.
When you’re feeling competent and powerful.
When you’re working late and tired of sitting, utterly fed up with that irony – that we computer-workers get tired by doing nothing physically all day.
When you just want to hide-away with a novel and some sunshine.

When you’re not getting what you want.
When you do get what you want and it turns out to be pretty ding-dang difficult.
When there’s so much pain and disappointment around you that you want to just wrap-up all the broken hearts in a blanket and rock them to rest.
When you’re off your game, and you can’t figure out why.

When you’re reading the Word faithfully.
When you’re staring at your closed Bible, wondering, who have you become?

When you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and it’s AWESOME.
When you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and it’s TERRIBLE.

When you’re feeling whiny and self-indulgent.
When you let someone down.
When you surprise and impress someone.
When your kitchen is a hot mess.

No matter what, whether the lists are long or short, the emotions high or low, the hopes broken or intact, hold on to the real-deal truth about you: you are made by God, and you are an image-bearer of God. God wants you, your actual messy self, in His family. Period. No matter what you’ve done or will ever do. Hold onto that.

(Related – finished The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness this week, which speaks to Christian identity and freedom in Christ. Review coming soon.)

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  1. debie grace says:

    Thank you for this reminder 🙂

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