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For the past month or so I’ve been going on and on a bit about the funness that is The Influence Network. I joined in February, and it’s been worth every penny! Influence is basically a bunch of smart, believing women getting together and sharing their wisdom, prayers, advice, expertise and resources. I love that there’s tons of small business owners and creative professionals in the network, and I’ve super-enjoyed gaining wisdom from those ladies in the forums and classes. I highly recommend it if you’re interested.

ANYWAYS, today Influence is having a linkup to help members get to know the all the women of the network. And, I’m hoping to meet some of these folks in-person at the Influence Conference this September. Eek! So, here’s a little bit about me.

about me

1. I’m a married, believing, working full time, twenty-something in Texas.

2. I’m starting a photography business.

3. In high school, I did power-lifting. My senior year I could bench press my body weight and squat and dead-lift over twice that! Too bad I can’t anymore, ha! I actually really miss being that strong – it was SO. FUN.

One thing I’ve learned from Influence: you CAN do the strategic work to be successful with your creative pursuits while also faithfully serving the Lord in your responsibilities and family, and there are tons of women out there doing it. And a lot of them are really nice!

Also, joining Influence has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2013, and one of the several little reasons why this year is looking really, really good. I’m excited to see what lies ahead, knowing that 1) God is faithful, and 2) it probably won’t be what I expect!

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9 Responses to Influential Women

  1. I did weight lifting on year in high school and it is amazing to look back at how much I could max out at! (Not nearly my body weight, but still!) haha I still love to work out but not like that! So nice to meet you today through the network! I’ll be at the conference too. Hope to see you there!

  2. Yay! So great to meet you Leslie! Love that you are starting a photography business. Photography is major inspiring to me!

  3. anniewiltse says:

    I love what you mention learning from the Influence Network! I completely agree with that! It was something I couldn’t quite reconcile in my brain before I met the women doing it!

  4. nadinewouldsay says:

    Everybody is nice right? It’s so cool! I love it.

  5. Hi Leslie! So great to meet you! I’m a fellow Texas gal too – we should plan on getting together some time!

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