Lunch breaks, humility and creativity {Post grad series}

“Never taking a break from very careful thought work actually reduces your ability to be creative.”
Is Lunch a Waste of Time — or a Productivity Booster?

lunchbreak_benchOne of the things I’ve learned about myself in recent years is that lunch breaks are a big deal for me. I’m really fortunate to have a full hour for lunch, and it seriously boosts my productivity, general outlook and attitude if I do something life-giving during that break.  (See #4 here.) So, when I saw this article on TIME months ago, I felt totally validated! Ha.

For me, the thing about having a lunch break is this: it’s there for a reason.

I’m not a machine. I’m not some amazing super-worker that powers through lunch everyday without missing a beat in my productivity. I’m given a wonderful 1-hour lunch break, and with the exception of something-very-important-is-due days, that hour is mine! I make myself go walk in the park, take my lawn chair out of my car trunk and sit under a tree, or drive over to downtown and walk around.

The key is: toosh out of chair. Because I’m not a machine. I need the outdoors. I need a break from screens. I need to put my laptop, phone, etc. away and look up and out. I need to be humble enough to admit that I need time to breath in the middle of the day. That humility makes brain-room for creativity and gives me energy to return to productivity in the afternoon.

Summer Pierre’s book Artist in the Office had tons of great lunch break ideas. That book is full of great resources!

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  1. Debie Grace says:

    Sometimes I feel bad about not giving myself a break from school. Sometimes I eat my lunch for 15 minutes or so and then go back again to work. Looking back to it, I feel ashamed and sorry for myself. Reading this makes me realize that I need that 1-hour of break o go outside and divert to other more beautiful things. I will keep it in mind. Thank you for this.

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