Texas Book Festival weekend

Weekend before last, I had the chance to go to the Texas Book Festival and make a girls weekend of it with my mom, sister, aunts, and cousin. It was so refreshing to get away, and the sweet bed and breakfast we stayed in was such a treat, thanks to the planning of my cousin, Sarah!

Friday afternoon, I arrived a little early and stopped in downtown Georgetown to wind down. I found a coffee shop, ordered what turned out to be a dang good chai latte, and sat outside. The shops around the square were handing out Halloween candy, and several tiny Spidermen toddle by. I finished reading Bird by Bird that afternoon. Listening to the quirky local musicians made me feel like I’d stumbled into Stars Hollow. I met up with everyone shortly, we picked rooms in the B&B and then found some Mexican food.

Saturday morning, by some stroke of grace, I actually woke up early enough to sit out on the porch and read before breakfast. It was a little chilly, but with hot coffee in my hand, my fuzzy goldenrod scarf around me, and Cold Tangerines by my side, the morning just felt like a gift. A gift of quiet and space, of time to think and remember.

Saturday we spent the entire day in and around the Capitol at the book festival. It was like nerd heaven! In the morning I got to wander on my own through all the exhibit tents filled with books and publishers, before heading down to the Paramount Theater to hear Jenny Lawson speak. Lawson’s talk was just as crazy and hilarious as I expected, and her writing advice was helpful.

After meeting up with my mom and sister for two more sessions, we rounded out the day by heading up to the House Chamber to hear Cheryl Strayed and Amanda Eyre Ward discuss writing fiction vs. writing memoirs, Wild, and Strayed’s new book Tiny Beautiful Things. Listening to Ward and Strayed was delightful, even from our balcony view.

I went home Sunday feeling encouraged and filled up – family time and book time, plus a wonderful bed and breakfast, was a great combination. And, if you ever get a chance to go to the Texas Book Festival, I highly recommend!

{If you use Goodreads and are interested, that’s where I maintain my reading lists.}

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  1. Annie says:

    This sounds like the perfect weekend! 🙂 Cheryl Strayed is headed this way in February; based on your reviews, it looks like I might need to get tickets to that event!

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