Starting a new series: Post grad

laundry roomDuring my last two years of college and my first year out of college, I lived in a big, old house with 5 other house-mates. And sometimes that number fluctuated upwards. Up to 8 girls, in 5 bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms and more estrogen than you could shake a stick at.

Those 3 years, though, they were a blast. We had some crazy times in that creaky old house! The highlight reel from those years that plays in my head has it all: cooking together, conflict + forgiveness + talking it out, cold winter nights, heartbreak, dance parties in the attic, praying with each other, odd Halloween parties, engagement parties, bring-your-own canvas painting nights, Bible studies meeting in the living room often, send-offs for friends going overseas and praying over them, playing in the street in our rainboots when it rained. When I think of college, I’ll always think of that house.

And by the end of my 3 years there, I was ready to transition from living with 5 girlfriends to just living with one guy. That first year in the work force hadn’t been a super easy transition, and I was ready for marriage and moving forward in life with Garret.

But I’ve got to tell you, bills sure were easier to pay when we split them between 6 people. Friendship was much easier when you lived with several of your closest friends. And loving and serving people was way more convenient when we were our own little village of college students, with friends and boyfriends and discipleship groups constantly coming over, sharing meals and stuff and stories. Frankly, life didn’t take as much work then. I thought I was busy then, and often I was really busy, but everything was clearer, more defined, more pre-programmed for me.

I’ve been thinking about writing a new series lately, and lessons like that, things I’ve learned post-college, have been what keeps coming to mind. I leaned heavily towards over-confidence in college, and I thought I had most everything figured out. Now, three years later, I know better what I don’t know, and I think that’s part of growing up: realizing where we are deficient and how that’s okay, because we’re not finished growing yet. My heart for this series is to share some stories about transitioning from student life to life as young adults. I think that our lives roll in seasons, and in order to move forward, towards faithfulness and growth, we’ve got to reflect and reexamine.

I’d considered writing for 31 Days again this October, like I did last year, but I decided that wouldn’t be a wise decision right now. Instead, I’ll be writing at least one post in this post grad series every week. I realized tonight that I’m really excited about writing it, so I hope it’s helpful and life-giving to you.

What have you learned since high school and/or college? Is there anything you’d like to see me write about?

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3 Responses to Starting a new series: Post grad

  1. Jess Witkins says:

    I miss the learning. I know when you’re in college it’s all you can think about to be done. But 4 years later, working the salaried grown up job…I miss the classes where the whole time was discussion and different opinions and the momentous feeling you could change anything. I still feel that way, but it’s not as strong. Like you said, you don’t have that bubble of like minded people around you, willing to run off for graveyard trips, or leaf throwing parties, or Freaks and Geeks marathons. Fun memories though. And now, I’m busy making new ones. 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    I’ve been kind of absent on blog reading and writing lately (and i have no clue how to get my groove back), but I will be following this series. I love this, because I’ve struggled too. It’s harder than people talk about, growing up and becoming responsible and cementing friendships and becoming ourselves. I’d love to hear more about relationships (particularly finding/keeping adult friendships) and having energy to do more than go home in the evenings and watch TV. 🙂

  3. Leslie says:

    Leslie – I felt like as I read this post I was reading my transition out of college! I too lived with a bunch of girls my senior year (7 to be exact) and while we had many fun moments together, there were moments of conflict, but some of the sweetest moments we spent together during that year were those when we worked our differences out and sought forgiveness. Through those moments, we were able to experience deeper community with each other. Transitioning out of college is hard, even if you’re ready to be out and on your own. I wish I had know how hard the transition would be and how difficult it is to find community like you find in college. It’s so easy when you live together, go to classes together, work together, eat together, serve together, study the Bible together, the list could go on and on….

    Thanks for being honest about the struggles of the {post grad life}. So many college students need to hear what you are writing!! Keep it up sister 🙂

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