August goals, July recap, and a question

Y’all. July was a long month. Garret and I worked on our house, had weekend guests, and dealt with multiple maintenance issues. Glory hallelujah, my dishwasher/disposal is finally working again, after several weeks. Last week we stayed in a hotel one night because our A/C was out for the 4th night in a row (6th time this summer) and we couldn’t deal with a 93-degree house. Whew. First world problems, I know. But seriously thank goodness for landlords, ice water, and nearby hotels. Now we just need to give our crazytown house some serious TLC after that crazy month.

On a happier note, I got to photograph a lot of lovely people in July, and I saw my vision for Everlee come to life in this lifestyle newborn session. That was especially encouraging. Packaging and delivering clients’ photos has also been really fun.

Like I wrote about the other day, making and writing down goals helps us figure out where we want to go and what baby steps are necessary to get there, so I’m going to continue publishing small monthly goals. I’ll probably also get a 26 before 26 list up soon!

August goals:

July goals recap:

  • Finish organizing our desks so that our guest room/office is ready and we can…
  • Have a freaking awesome time when our dear friends Kristi and Derek and their son come to visit for the weekend! Done, and done! Our guest room was pretty and usable, and we had a great time with our friends. We visited the new student center on campus, got stuck in and soaked by a rain storm, and enjoyed an awesome Sunday breakfast cooked by Garret.
  • Run at least once a week. Not quite. I worked out 4 times in one weekend 3 weeks ago, including one run, but I haven’t since then.
  • Finish reading GileadMy Name is Asher Lev, and Bird by Bird. Also didn’t accomplish this one. Instead of reading Gilead first, out of my most recent library haul, I read What Alice Forgot – and LOVED it. I highly recommend  that for a quality, sweet (but not uber-romantic) read. Still working through the other two.
  • Make my desk a usable space (for computer work, paper crafting, and writing) as well as clean and beautiful. Garret helped me finish this (above photo) before Kristi and Derek arrived, and then I used it the next weekend while editing photos, but since then it’s gotten a little cluttered.
  • Catch up on all Everlee blogging and posting. I’m slowly learning how to stay on a schedule with blogging portrait sessions, and I’m considering adding a weekly series to the blog.

So my nosey question is, do y’all enjoy it when photographers or other creative pros do a blog series like that, such as “What to wear Wednesday” or “Monday miscellany,”  or is it just superfluous? Would you rather them stick to their main content, or do you enjoy following a more daily blog? I’m trying to decide. Thanks for the help and for reading.

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  1. Sydney says:

    I’m a fan of blog series. I like the consistency and look forward to checking it!

    BTW, I read ‘My Name is Asher Lev’ when I was in high school. I would take it to the football games and read it in my band uniform, haha.

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