On freedom

Dear friend, I’m writing just to tell you that I know you’re fighting a hard battle.

Whether you’re a PhD student, a busy mom, a care-giver, a working woman, a volunteer, an undergrad, a wife, a freelancer, a post-grad fresh in a new job, a dreamer, or a mix of those like most of us, no matter what roles you fill, I know that you carry heavy, heavy burdens.

I also know that the “ought-tos” and “shoulds” that come with being a woman can feel like harsh anchors holding you down tight to expectations.

Some days, everywhere I turn I see expectations for my career, body, decisions, family, diet, marriage, goals, home—you name it, someone somewhere has something to say to you about it.  When I listen to these crazy expectations instead of filtering them through truth, all the impending guilt can feel like heavy weights around my waist, and if I’m not proactive, I can let them keep me stuck in indecision and weakness.

I’ve felt this weight. I hate this weight.

I tell you today: remember that you are FREE.

Free to walk on, following Christ with both bold, Spirit-led obedience and childlike faith.

Free to admit that you don’t know or understand everything.

Free to change your mind when the Spirit leads you.

Free to not change your mind.

Free to love and regard your husband but also to have different opinions than him.

Free to love your husband fiercely but also to have needed alone time. (And the same goes for him!!)

Free to make decisions based on the Word and the Spirit’s leading, not on what people are doing.

Free to work hard, but also to know that your daily work does not define you.

Free to be the wise, smart woman that you are in Christ.

Don’t let those arbitrary expectations hold you down, friend.

You are more. More than a rule-follower. More than a rule-breaker. More than a student, wife, daughter, employee, mom, aunt.

You are a daughter of God and follower of Christ, made for amazing purposes. Don’t let the expectations get you down. Keep fighting the good fight.

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  1. Eryn Wong says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Thank you. Really.

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