Ebb and flow

This year has really ebbed and flowed for us. In January there were some challenges, and there was some time to slow down, read, plan, set some goals. February was crazy, crazy busy at my work. And, March has been full on the personal side of things, with trips to the ranch, family visiting, and new opportunities.

Blossoming trees at the ranch

The trees were blossoming when we were at the ranch at the beginning of March, and I was so thankful to get to see Spring up-close in all its beauty.

Spring reminds us that change always comes. Whatever season you’re in, the ebb and flow will continue for a while, but then eventually things will change. New things are on their way, maybe slowly or maybe quickly.

the lake at our family ranch

New opportunities that have come up lately have reminded me that this messy combination that I’ve got going on of setting goals, doing slow work, and depending on grace does eventually produce progress. Since I turn 25 soon, I was looking back over my 25 before 25 list and book list. I fell really short on the book end of things, but I still finished more books than I have in a long time. On the personal goals end of things,  I accomplished more than I had thought.

But, I also just plain didn’t do many of those goals, while some have shifted and taken new forms, and some of them are no longer a priority. And, that’s okay.

This life takes persistent, slow, daily work, and I’m still figuring it out. But the Lord has reminded me this year that He will help us change things, move forward, and move towards Him.

What have you learned so far this year about goals and moving forward?

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  1. Karly Robin says:

    beautiful photos, – especially like the first one.

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