Better late than never? {Christmas making recap, bloopers}

So, it’s almost February, and I’m yet to write a post about Christmas or New Years happenings, or get back in the grove of regular posting. Happily, I’m writing more often these days and I’ve got several posts coming soon!

But first, something a little lighter.

Christmas ornament

I wanted to do a quick recap of my somewhat laughable attempts at some homemade Christmas, because:

  1. About 50% of the crafty projects I try from pinterest/blogs JUST DON’T TURN OUT HOW THEY LOOKED ONLINE. And, maybe you’ve experienced this, too? Because… Pinterest is not real life. Say it with me now… Pinterest is NOT real life.
  2. I want to have it for my own reference for next year 🙂

So, to help stick to our Christmas budget, I made some homemade gifts, and I made a few other crafts. Most of it worked out, but there were some goofs! So, here are my attempts:

citrus bath scrub gift

Citrus body scrub: I recommend it – very easy, and can be as “all natural” as you like.

homemade gifts in jars

Cinnamon honey butter (w/ the red tops) – Garret LOVES this stuff. Again, very easy.

toffee blondies

Toffee blondies mix – Yummy. Relatively simple to make the mix look pretty in the jar.

Christmas gift wreathYarn wreaths: I’d made one before, but I decided to try this trick – using pipe insulation for the form. I don’t recommend this shortcut. It saved money but added frustration, because they slowly bent, and now I need to redo them for my mom and sister. Fail!

wedding invitation ornamentsjoy to the world ornamentWedding invitation ornament – I made two of these for us and was really happy with them.  (Tip – it helped to cut the paper into pretty thin strips.)
Joy to the World ornament – Same thing, just printed the sheet music of Joy to the World onto velum, and gave them as gifts. I really liked these!

wrapped Christmas presentsThese were some of my attempts at creative wrapping this year. I love brown kraft paper.

Christmas card wreath

Christmas card wreath: This didn’t turn out as planned and won’t return next year. Another example of me not being able to replicate Pinterest-like perfection! Garret watched me as I made this, and hilarity ensued. It was one of those “Yeah, that looks… umm… good…?” moments for him, LOL. It looked better covered in friends’ cute cards!

star yarn ornaments

Yarn star ornaments: Tehehehe. Oh man, the grey one still makes me laugh EVERY time. I guess I’m not a good yarn wrapper, because that first one came out like a star that had eaten WAY too much Christmas dinner. The second one turned out better. These were supposed to be gifts, but I ended up keeping them because of their… issues, ha.

Christmas mantle

So, there you go. A few tips, a few bloopers, and some pudgy stars.

What have you been making lately?

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3 Responses to Better late than never? {Christmas making recap, bloopers}

  1. S. Singh says:

    Haha. For each successful DIY we all have about 10 failed ones. I love the Joy to the World Ornament. Merry belated Christmas!


  2. Eryn Wong says:

    That’s awesome!! How long did it take to make all these??

  3. Annie says:

    okay, i tried to make a card wreathe too, and mine just looked… wonky. once it had cards on it, it was okay, i guess, but i’m not sure i’ll be putting it up again next year. i should have known better. i think it was a martha stewart craft originally… and she is just way over my head. my stuff just isn’t going to look like hers, ever. 🙂 anyway, you’re not alone in a botched craft or two… oh well, at least we’re working with our hands!!

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