What I will not do in 2012

With all the new year goals, action steps, and motivators swirling around in my head lately, today I decided to also jot down some things that I am NOT going to do this year.

"You can do anything but not everything"

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  1. I will not avoid inviting people over because our apartment is a mess (it usually is) and small (unfortunately it never has magically gotten bigger). (Also, this post has some great advice about hosting overnight guests when you live in a small space.)
  2. I will not miss an opportunity to go fishing with Garret. One of my 8 goals for this year is to catch more fish. No joke. My motivation is two-fold: 1) Garret loves fishing and loves when we have “Shoulder-to-shoulder” time, and 2) I’ve been in a fishing slump for a few years and with G’s help, and maybe even with some pretty pink spinner lures, I’m determined to stinkin’ get out of it!
  3. I will not spend lunch breaks indoors (as long as weather permits). Sunlight, a breeze, and room to breath does wonders for for me from 12-1. Instead of staying in my little office nook, I will eat outside – simply because it’s good for me.
  4. We will not go out of town more than we stay in town. I love visiting family and friends, and we’re 3 hours or less from most of them, so traveling on the weekends is our norm. But, I’m going to work on maintaining a balance this year; staying home on the weekends really helps me feel refreshed and also more on top of my responsibilities.
  5. I will not buy more books than I am physically/mentally capable of reading. This is one of my worst habits. I’ve got a reading schedule for all the great books I’ve already got, and I’m working to stick to it.
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2 Responses to What I will not do in 2012

  1. Jules says:

    good ones!! šŸ™‚

  2. Amy Powell says:

    Love you “not”s list. that’s a great way of looking at things too!!

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