Follow the Light {31 Days}

pink_crepe myrtles

Light can inspire like nothing else can.

Just the right amount of sunrise sheen through your bedroom sheers gives the day a magic feel.

Cooking breakfast by the light of fresh sunshine reminds you of the grace and possibilities in a new day.

The soft, patient glow of dusk whispers to us: take time to slow and rest.

When I leave my office building at 5:00 after a full day, sometimes I can physically feel the bright, blinding sunlight awakening my muscles and wrapping me in relief.

Don’t over look the light. Contemplate it. Open up the curtains and soak it in. Use it in your photos. Paint by it. Write by it. Light can be magical.

Also, thank you for all the supportive words regarding yesterday’s post. It really meant a lot to me.

{31 Days of Creativity Babysteps}

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2 Responses to Follow the Light {31 Days}

  1. Thank you Leslie for shning your light this way. It was seeming darker than longer this morning.

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