live then write {31 Days}

livethenwriteThis is a reminder that I’m repeating to myself again tonight. Sometimes writing feels so appealing, and folding laundry or making time for the hard things feels so unappealing. But, time and time again I realize that if I’m not being present in daily life, if I’m not living fully and loving people and praying for friends and reading Truth and taking walks and really listening and holding my husband’s hand, then there will be nothing to write about and no where to write from.Β 

{31 Days of Creativity Babysteps}

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8 Responses to live then write {31 Days}

  1. Deafia says:

    Very true! If we sitting in the house 24/7, then there is nothing to blog about. To write something for our blogs, we need to get out to get any new ideas! πŸ™‚

  2. 30sdc says:

    My priority is to think about things that make me nervous in order to learn how to deal with them. The purpose is always be happier with the people I love.

  3. tsizzles says:

    Deafia makes a good point, literally doing nothing doesn’t produce anything in every sense of the word! Looking at it from 30sdc’s perspective, experiences usually teach us something whether good or bad. At the end of the day the best stories are the ones that are well lived out.

  4. I found your blog through freshly pressed and think it’s great! I really needed this reminder today. (In fact, I needed it this very minute to get me to put down my computer and start the laundry!) I also love your encouragement just to write without fear of failure. Sometimes I’m too wrapped up in perfectionism to reveal myself through my writing. Thanks!

  5. Eryn Wong says:

    I like your ideology on living and writing πŸ™‚ Love to hear more from you!

  6. Annie says:

    I agree completely, and I wonder sometimes if blogging has hindered my ability to live and appreciate the moment. It’s definitely something I have to watch myself on, this living THEN writing. I’ve got to live life first to have a story worth telling.

  7. Mona says:

    Love your blog and appreciate the reminder that to fully live one must be fully present! I like your inspiration, creative tips and wise words! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  8. nychef says:

    Love your blog…yes, thank you for the reminder to live! Just last night my husband came into my art studio and said, “Sonia, I’m worried that everything is becoming about in here and not enough out there anymore.” Meaning, I’ve been spending way too much time holed up in my studio, neglecting things like spending time with my family,being outdoors,reading God’s word,exercise, eating right, and ah yes, laundry and cleaning!

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