How to: fail and succeed spectacularly {31 Days}

Is risking failure really worth it?

If you ever want to succeed spectacularly, then the answer is yes.

IF you are taking smart risks. Risks that you truly want to take and that don’t conflict with your beliefs or responsibilities. Risks that you are taking on wisely. Risks that aren’t driven by obligation, imitation, guilt, or lack-of-knowledge. Some risks aren’t smart…


(I’ve been wanting to use this photo for a while – it makes me laugh!)

Here are some practical examples of ways to succeed, or fail, spectacularly:

  • Go out on a limb and ask someone if they’d like to collaborate with you.
  • Seek and take opportunities to write publicly.
  • Talk to people you trust about your creative dreams and ask their honest advice.
  • Try a new recipe when you’re having friends over.
  • Volunteer to organize an encouraging, creative event for friends.
  • Take practical steps to use your creative skills more often in your position at work.
  • Try a craft project that doesn’t come naturally to you.

Some of those ideas are small, some large, but again, I think it is the discipline that matters.

The discipline of stepping out in faith and believing that this risk is not too much for you, because your success or failure is not your identity. The discipline of remembering that taking this risk will not kill you. If you fail it may sting for weeks or days, but it will not defeat you.

There is One who will always catch you when you fall—therefore, if we’re walking in discernment and faith, taking risks can be a very good thing.

I am often afraid of taking creative risks—what about you? How do you work to step out in faith?

{31 Days of Creativity Babysteps}

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