Failure is your friend {31 Days}

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When you start to consistently make and take the time for creative pursuits, like we’ve been discussing, inevitably one day you will try something that doesn’t work. I’ve failed before, and I’ll fail again. If you’re going to take risks, then you’re eventually going to fail.

This is a fact.

But you know what failure really means?

Failure means you’re MOVING. You’re no longer stagnant. You’re one step closer to succeeding. 

Remember the adorable movie Meet the Robinsons? It made us laugh so much that Garret and I still quote it. It also includes a lot of wisdom for creatives! I absolutely love this clip about failure:


So remember, don’t be afraid to fail spectacularly and always keep moving forward!

Coming tomorrow, more details on how to specifically practice taking risks.

{31 Days of Creativity Babysteps}

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4 Responses to Failure is your friend {31 Days}

  1. Keep moving forward~ Keep moving forward~
    lol this is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day 😀

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  3. AriRambles says:

    Failure means you are moving – what a wonderful thought.. thanks!! reading this post inspired me… have subscribed to your blog… cheers!

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