Go back in time {31 Days}

So, today has been a long day. We went home to DFW this weekend for my sister’s birthday, saw lots of family and friends, and drove back into town early this morning. After, a non-stop day and with no post prepared in advance, this one (for day 10) will be pretty short!

One interesting way to get your creative juices flowing is to revert in technology! Sometimes we get so used to instant creation and instant gratification, taking time to do things the old way can open up new possibilities and ways of thinking.

  • Use film instead of digital. One of my favorite hobbies is film photography. I wrote about it extensively in this post. I love it because it makes me slow down and value every single shot – because you can’t get it back.
  • Pen and paper. Put down you laptop and ipad, and pick up a pen and notebook. The physical action of writing with your hands and your mind can stir up your creativity.
  • Find a typewriter. I so wish that I had an old type writer! (Maybe Mom’s is in the attic?) Just the sound of the keys is so magical.
  • Go back to art class. I think that simple, non-technical arts and crafts that we usually leave to the kiddos can be really fun and freeing! Coloring, finger-painting, making tiny boxes and envelopes with paper – now I want to do some crafting tomorrow! Ha.
What do you think? What are some other ways to spark creativity by going back in time?
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4 Responses to Go back in time {31 Days}

  1. Fashion Diary says:

    Nice blog !

  2. Good ethos, good to see someone else out there with the right approach.

  3. Debie says:

    I am working on the first two for a long time now. I want to have a typewriter but I cant find any store selling it nowadays. I’d love to make poems on the spot using a typewriter haha and yes, art class! I would love to go back to making crafts, too! 🙂 Good post!

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