Claim it {31 Days}

What do you do?

Paint? Organize? Take pictures? Write? Problem-solve? Edit? Scrapbook?

Almost my entire life, I’ve written.

Yet I have never, ever believed myself to be a writer until the last few months. But, when I spend hours a day doing something, and I love it, then it’s more than okay to claim it.

So I’ve decided.

I’m a writer, dang it.

I am a writer, and that statement is not dependent on praise, recognition, or page views. It is solely dependent on whether or not I am writing.

What do you need to claim today?

{31 Days of Creativity Babysteps}

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3 Responses to Claim it {31 Days}

  1. It wasn’t until I started Facebook and Twitter that I finally took to heart claiming the title of being an ARTIST. In the past, I had a specific professional identity as a “TEACHER”. Even though I was an ART TEACHER, the word “teacher” was the most dominating factor. Now, as I get paid to create, I can finally feel like I can claim the title “artist”. In reality, I was always an artist. I have just claimed it. As I take steps to combine teaching and art once again, this time I am placing emphasis on being an artist first. It’s all good!

  2. cassiemlv says:

    Thanks for this post. Really. There was a time in my life where I could say, “I am a writer”…and then “grown-up life” took over. A pathetic excuse, I know, but I hope to someday be in that place again. For now, however, I am proud to say, “I am a reader.” That’s a start, right? 🙂

  3. annie says:

    i love it! i wrote a post about it myself, actually, if you’re interested:

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