YOU have good stories {31 Days}

Story is a big concept and buzzword these days.

And, I’m very on board with it. This is partly because it’s right-on and I’m keenly aware that good stories move people better and more often than other communication vehicles, and partly because, let’s be honest, I have bandwagon tendencies. (Clearly, since I’m writing this series! Ha.)

However, sometimes when I read amazing memoirs, like Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, which is all about living a good story, or Shauna Niequist’s fantastic Bittersweet,  my brain convinces my heart that I don’t have any stories as good as theirs.

That’s a lie.

The stories are there. You just have to look.


So, I sat down one day and wrote out all of the stories from my past that I could think of. And it turns out that there are some pretty darn good stories in my life history. (Such as the Paradise Bowl debacle.)

Not all of them are happy. Not all of them are sad. Some of them are more-so about my family than me. But, every single one of our stories matters.

I encourage you to do that exercise sometime soon. Sit down with pen and paper and dig inside for your stories – any story your family has ever told around the dinner table, your buddies still tease you about, or that still makes you wince or smile or weep.

We all have different triggers for remembering stories, such as certain places or scenery or smells or tastes. When those triggers pop up in daily life, don’t ignore them. Pursue that clue and remember the story. (And write it down!)

Oh yes, your stories are there. Believe me. Just look.

Story telling starts with story seeing.

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4 Responses to YOU have good stories {31 Days}

  1. Annie says:

    that last line is just perfect. and i think i’m going to take your advice and begin to write out my stories, especially the ones from my past. they’re worth holding on to, and it would be a shame to never give them life on paper.

    (p.s. we definitely have the same tastes in books… shauna niequist is one of my absolute favorites!)

  2. Yoga Mama says:

    what a fantastic post. yes, I totally agree that we all have great stories and the trick is to remember them, record them, and appreciate them. wow, what a great post. thank you.

  3. Jessica P says:

    This is a great post! Really shows how important it is to note down these things in a journal or notebook. So many good stories must get lost because people don’t think they’re important enough or interesting enough to put out there 🙂

    Jessica P xo
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  4. annie says:

    Leslie, i love this! i believe in the value of stories, and i have written quite a bit recently about stories and writing and the importance of both. like Jessica says, so many good, worthful* stories are lost because people don’t see those qualities in them. and yet, what if we dared to see our stories as something beyond events, as something beyond ourselves. as an orchestration of His will for His glory and our good?

    i think our mentalities toward stories would change, dramatically.

    *if something can be worthless, it stands to reason that something that be worthful, right? at least that’s what i’m telling myself. ;]

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