Seize every opportunity {31 Days}

If you want to have a faithful and full life, while also being a producing creative, then you’re going to have to learn how to seize every opportunity to create, while also not neglecting responsibilities or relationships.

Is there a small pocket of time in your day where you realize you use that space to practice creating? Whether it is 10 minutes or a whole hour, it doesn’t matter—it is the discipline of choosing to act that matters.

That discipline of choosing to use free time for creating instead of using it to veg on Facebook or in front of the TV is essential to creative growth. Zoning out sounds like a great escape sometimes, but it can leave us feeling no better.


When you choose to create on your lunch break, during part of your kid’s nap time, or whenever you have free time, you may not create anything amazing, but that’s okay. One small, disciplined step of progress is infinitely better than no progress at all.

I must note that during especially busy seasons of life, this may look very different. We have to be faithful to our responsibilities, get rest when when we need it, and do whatever works best personally. But, I do think there is true value in carving out time for whatever creative activity is life-giving for you.

I’ll also note that it is important to not take this too far, stealing time away from your responsibilities or family. It is okay for me to wake up extra early to work on a writing project, but it’s not okay to ignore my husband all evening while working on said writing project. I’ve definitely learned this from experience!

Time is one of the areas in which boundaries are crucial to creating. Boundaries give us room to create, but also keep us from misusing our time.

I’ll have more details on specific ways to implement this in tomorrow’s post.

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  2. Stacy says:

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  3. candress says:

    Oh boy. You just stomped on my toes with the comment about using my time to veg on FB or in front of the television. Ouch!

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