Redefine creativity {31 Days}

Do you think of yourself as creative?

When you hear someone else described as creative do you wince and think, “Well good for them—I’m the opposite”? Did you enjoy art class as a child but soon got categorized into different activities? Do you long to try a new creative pursuit but get stuck behind fear?

Well, it’s time to change that. For the next month we are going to be walking through small ways to reinvent and reintroduce creativity in our daily lives.


This is my new working definition of creativity –

creativity :: the act of using your personal and unique imagination, logic, and skills to express ideas or solve problems through action and production.

Being creative means you create. Period.

This does not entail meeting anyone’s standards, fitting into a certain artistic mold, dressing a particular way, making money or not making money off of your work, or working in a certain field.

Creativity entails listening to your own ideas and acting on them.

Do you feel like you are acting on your creative ideas, or is something holding you back?

{This post is the first in my 31 Days of Creativity Babysteps series. I hope you follow along!}

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  1. alissasart says:

    WONDERFUL!!! Thank you!

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