More and less

polaroidsTonight, in the middle of another busy week, I’m pausing for a minute to do very small-scale, light-hearted evaluation. What do I need more of? What should I pray for more of? What do I want more of, but could actually do with out? What in my life is causing unneccesary trouble? What bad habit do I feel the Spirit pulling me to let go of?


  • Practicing photography. Lately, I’ve been focusing on discipline in writing (which has been enjoyable and productive and hard) but this week a few things reminded me that I need to make time for photography as well. For me, it’s life-giving and important. I’ve gotten out of the mindset and need to work back into it.
  • Traveling with my husband. We got to go on a few really great trips this summer, and now that I’ve got a taste of that I can’t wait for the next opportunity!
  • Making more time for habits that I know help me draw closer to the Lord. I know some of these are: not just reading the Word but also thinking/praying on it and not in a rush, sitting on the porch and reading/reflecting/listening, taking walks, listening to life-giving music.
  • Developing film. I haven’t developed a roll of film in so long! We’re trying to stick to a good budget, and film usually isn’t a priority. So, we shall see. But, I really do miss shooting film more often. There’s just something about it.
  • Making time to read! I’m in the middle of reading at least 4 good books. Sheesh.


  • Multitasking. I’m finally listening to everyone who says multitasking doesn’t work. At work and home, I need to do one thing at a time and focus more. Got any time management advice? I need a lot of it. (Also, if I applied this to my above mentioned multiple-book-reading problem I’d probably get books read faster.)
  • Discontentment. Blech. A tablespoon of discontentment can send me into a tale-spin faster than… anything else. Need to take those hurts and desires to the Lord faster, instead of sinking into self-interested despair.
  • Fear. Garret and I have been discussing some goals and dreams lately that have forced me to confront some fears and insecurities I’ve been holding onto. (Christine has written several great posts on stepping out in faith despite fear.)

So today, what could you do with out? What are you longing for? Write it out, pray over it, do whatever you need to do to act on those small pulls that we feel that are actually a big deal.

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