Don’t take it personally

“Don’t take it personally.”

Honestly, I despise that phrase.

It does not compute in my mind. It commands me, a person, to not take something personally. I know, I know—there are situations where this phrase is accepted as sensible, but I’m confessing here and now my disdain for it.

However, there are some sentiments that we should take personally more often.

pink roses blooming in missouri

How many times have your friends, husband, coworkers or parents genuinely complimented or encouraged you, but you just can’t let it sink in?

How many times have you read about the Lord’s unfailing love for you, only to find the words bouncing off your heart and back onto the page?

Today I implore you to start taking these Truths personally:

You matter.
Your dreams matter.
You are beautiful.
You are beautiful because God, the creator of all things, says so.
You are an influencer.
You are neither the sum of your accomplishments nor the sum of your failures.
You do not need to hide.
You are worth it—worth the trouble, worth the time, worth listening to, and worth fighting for.

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  1. Please take this personally 🙂 I find your writing refreshing and encouraging. I have loved watching and reading as you put more effort and discipline into this talent. Thanks for sharing this talent with us all.

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