diy photobooth fun

Like I mentioned earlier, I had volunteered to set up diy photobooths at a couple of parties this month. I used this pinboard to gather inspiration, and both times it ended up being a lot of fun! The first was a welcome home party for these lovely ladies, Leslie and Julie:


Jules and me:


Leslie and Meghan, rockin’ the props:


And, the second was for the 25th anniversary party of my wonderful in-laws:


My awesome sister, Melissa, and me:


I really love this photo of us – Melissa, Mom, and me:


And, here’s an ugly shot of the backdrop’s framework, just so you can see how we made it, and more details are below:



  • Printable props from Oh Happy Day.
  • Inspiration for the background frame made of PVC-pipe from Fun on a Stick’s etsy shop. (I found the picture and asked Garret to make it. We got the pipe from Home Depot for a total of about $15. And, not that I did this, but if you leave the pipe in your hot, hot car for a few days, they will warp.)
  • The fabric is just a cheap Walmart sheet. We just opened up the top seam of the sheet and slid the top pipe through it. I recommend attaching some Velcro to the sides so that you can keep it taught, with no wrinkles. Also, in the future I’ll use a darker/thicker fabric that won’t show the pipe supports behind it.
  • And… I need to work on my lighting skillz. Noted.
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