more than maroon monday :: you have to look

Administration building porch ceiling

I don’t usually add commentary to MTMM posts, but today as so many freshmen Aggies roll into town, I got to thinking about living here and seeing/finding beauty in Aggieland.

From my experience, the first few years here as a student are fast and fun. But, after those quick, amazing years, if you stick around here for while, the landscape of Bryan-College Station may start to wear on you. (And I speak from experience – I’m going on my seventh year here.) You long for color, some different culture, snow, mountains – heck, even large hills will do!

So here’s what I’ve learned. There is beauty here. You just have to look for it. And some days you have to look hard. There’s beauty in the intricacies of the old, traditional buildings around campus. There’s beauty in the diverse mix of international students that add so much to the student body. There’s beauty in all the awesome vintage typography you’ll find on current and abandoned signs and storefronts in Bryan. There’s beauty and history in each of the many nearby small towns. Oh, and the sunsets. The sunsets here are top-notch. Go to the top of a parking garage, or the Corner Bar roof, and sit and soak it in. There’s beauty here, I promise.

Photo: Ceiling of the Administration Building’s porch, May 2011, Olympus OM-10, 35mm. 

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4 Responses to more than maroon monday :: you have to look

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve never seen that before!

    • Thanks, Amy! Yeah, I never saw that beautiful molding work it until just this year! Campus is like a treasure hunt. Once you start looking HARD, there are a lot of great details to find!

  2. Meghan says:

    love. 🙂 and i agree to that testament! yay for going on 7 years!

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