More than maroon monday :: straight and clear

Rudder Tower stairs Texas A&Mblue skies reflecting off a window on Texas A&M campussun flare on Texas A&M's campus

1. Rudder Tower stairs, January 2011, Olympus OM-10, 35mm. 2. Military Sciences Building, January 2011, Olympus OM-10, 35mm. 3. Military Sciences Building January 2011, Olympus OM-10, 35mm.

*See original post for explanation of more than maroon mondays, or see the archives.

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2 Responses to More than maroon monday :: straight and clear

  1. Love that first picture. Definitely a new way to look at Ruder steps!

  2. Rhianne says:

    oh these are so pretty, I love the colours. I have an OM-10 but I never use it, I dont know why as I always love the photos that I see taken with it.

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