Review: How to Market and Sell Your eBook

“What burns in your belly? What could you talk for hours about? What compels you to write? What gets your heart pumping and your mind moving?”
– How to Market and Sell Your eBook, by Sarah Mae,

How To Market And Sell Your eBook by Sarah Mae

Do those questions remind you of how badly you want to get your message out to the world or how you’ve always wanted to become a published author one day? Are you intrigued by e-publishing but not sure how it all works? If so, How to Market and Sell Your eBook, by Sarah Mae, is a valuable resource you should check out.

Sarah Mae is honest about the serious preparation, time, and effort required to publish a successful eBook. But, she also writes in a way that makes publishing an eBook sound like a do-able, realistic goal as long as you have the content and the drive.

This was a comfortable and quick, but also comprehensive, read. I sat down for a two hours at a coffee shop and read it, taking several pages of notes. Sarah Mae covers the full realm of questions you might have, such as how to:

  • Build a platform and an audience
  • Navigate logistical challenges like finding time to write or finding an editor
  • Actually sell your eBook.

She also consistently points to great resources and experts for more information. When I finished the book, I had a list of simple but important “to dos” that I knew would help me move forward as a writer.

The quote at the top of this post particularly struck a chord with me. I loved that reminder to write about things that stir passion in you, not things that are necessarily popular.

And as I read this eBook, it was evident that Sarah Mae is passionate about this subject—helping others succeed in publishing. She shares what she’s learned like you’re a friend sitting down with her over coffee, picking her brain. And the book is only 4.99 – that’s almost cheaper than a latte!

Disclosure: Although I received a copy of this eBook for reviewing purposes, all of the above opinions are my own.

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