a good night

The sunset over Tablerock Lake in Missouri

After a couple of weeks of tiredness, we’re back in the game. Tonight I did a big meal-planned-and-everything grocery store trip, cleaned out the fridge (it was getting ugly), and made dinner. And then I seriously felt like I had accomplished ONE MILLION THINGS.  ALL THE THINGS.

I felt like that because last Wednesday through this Sunday all I did was blow my nose, cough, whine, and eat popsicles.

Since a couple of days ago I’ve been back to the grind, contributing to the public good, etc., etc. Garret has been working a lot and my work has been busy as well, so we’re pretty excited for Friday. Random thoughts this Friday eve:

  •  I’m considering participating in 31 Days of Change, established by The Nester and several other amazing bloggers. This year they’ve invited others to join in the fun of writing posts along a theme for the 31 days. For instance, this year Nester is writing 31 Days of Charming Imperfection. I’m actually excited about my potential topic and will write about it soon.
  • This weekend I’m putting a photo booth together for the first time, for a party my friend Jenn is hosting, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also volunteered to do the photo booth for my in-law’s anniversary party in a couple of weeks, so since I need plenty of inspiration I’ve been keeping a photo booth pinboard!
  • I may or may not newly enjoy jamming to Nicki Minaj. She is legit. Minus the explicit lyrics, I would totally listen to her at work and rock out.
  • Tonight Garret took apart oh, about 20% his computer. He’s very good at repairing things, but he’s never done this before. Freaking me out here, honey. Computers don’t grow on trees! (Just kidding, he has a good reason. Screen has been blitzing in and out for months, and it could possibly be a simple fix.)
  • The above photo is not from tonight. Sadly. It’s from our family trip to Missouri earlier this summer.  I’m sorely behind and haven’t posted about that trip. Geez.
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  1. marylyn says:

    You probably know about this but Tahni did a photobooth for our easter service and has instructions on how to make mustaches. I’m excited for your fun endeavors!

  2. kkkkaty says:

    Leslie, this is Kathy from the Raining Umbrellas class. I am writing to tell you the gift I made for you is going to arrive a bit late…it did not turn out the way I wanted it to, so I’m having to re-do it. I think you have an interesting blog. I try to keep up with all of them but get behind. Good luck in your photograpy. I love the photo above!

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