lake in missouri

Not much blogging has been going on around here lately, but I’m thankful to be coming out of the fog of being sick and feeling up to writing again!

Last week, Garret got sick with yucky respiratory stuff, and after a couple days he so kindly gave it to me, and I literally stayed indoors for 99.9% of the next five days. I hope we are never, ever again both sick at the same time like that. We went through 6 cartons of orange juice, 30-40 popsicles (so that was mostly me), 3 frozen pizzas, 4 boxes of tissues, a whole box of mucinex, and 4 bottles of cough syrup.

This last week also reminded me to be thankful for things I take for granted, like health insurance. It’s like a magical card that makes sure you can get real-deal medical care. I know that’s a bit of a simplification, but now when I get bummed about the big chunk it takes out of my paycheck, I think about how fortunate we are in the big, global scheme of things. Also, I’m thankful for sick leave, kind co-workers, over the counter medicine and cheap prescriptions, and lastly, a sweet husband that cleaned most of our house on Sunday. Thank you, Lord. It was out of control.

*photo: Table Rock Lake, Missouri, during our family vacation in June. 35mm film, Olympus OM-10.

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