I clean out my jewelry drawer, sleepily dusting off the tiny boxes, and it’s comical how easy it is to distinguish the items from each of my various fashion phases. But strong memories come easily with the dust, too.

In grade school days, I was a daddy’s girl who loved bright colors. I distinctly remember a pair of pink plastic, clip-on Minnie Mouse earrings . And my dear dad gave me this tiny, shiny, sweet ring.

a ring from my dad

High school was full of attempts at coolness, as well as realizing that inescapable quirkiness was ok. Remember charm bracelets? I do. Clearly. I can’t look at it now without giggling. It weighs about the same as a small dog.

my charm bracelet

College was about adventure, laziness functionality, and improvisation. Big, chunky necklaces, funny earrings, bracelets from overseas.

chunky neclaces

When both of my grandmothers passed away one summer, we saved small pieces for family-sacred keepsakes.


Then soon it was off to the real life 8-5 job and the quirkiness had to be turned down a notch. But eventually I learned that spending some time in the morning putting effort into dressing creatively really makes me feel more like myself and more energetic.

orange necklace

So to a certain extent, what we wear matters. What do you think?

*this post is in response to a creative exercise word prompt – “fashion” – for the Raining Umbrellas e-course on creativity I’m participating in for the next month. I’ll be blogging our assignments periodically.

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6 Responses to phases

  1. simplyhue says:

    What a creative idea, Leslie! Love your thought process and it was really touching to read about each piece of jewelry and the special meaning they hold for you. Great job!

  2. Ana Eugenio says:

    I was going to say something similar to Vicki’s comment. was touched by your photos and their history. thank you for sharing those moments with us and hope you’ve a wonderfull 4th of July šŸ˜‰

  3. snydeen says:

    Seriously cool idea! Especially in response to the Fashion exercise. It still freaks me out to see you talking about Garrett. My Garrett is only 16. : ) Have a wonderful 4th! Jenny (Umbrellas)

    • Thanks, y’all! I had been going through my jewelry drawer, and then was writing something for the exercise, so I just connected the dots and put the two together. Happy 4th of July to all of you! šŸ™‚

  4. kkkkaty says:

    That you singled out jewelry as a subject is fascinating because it is a part of dressing ourselves and is a very individual choice with so many options out there…love the sentimental ones.

  5. I liked that you had a theme and then talked about how they reflected back to era of your life. Really enjoyed it got me thinking about doing one of my own with my extensive jewelry collection. Good Job!!!

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