our days in D.C.

Our two and a half days in D.C. were an absolute whirl-wind. My husband loves studying history and he was of course completely stoked about spending time in the capitol. So, he had a rather thorough schedule planned for us so that we could see as much as possible. By the morning of the third day we were exhausted, but we had a wonderful time!

a lunar lander at the national air and space museum

The Air and Space Museum was our first stop once we checked into our hotel. Garret also loves space and flight, so he especially enjoyed it.

Me at the Air and Space Museum

The World War II Memorial was amazing and moving. We viewed all of the war memorials that first day.

"To Liberate" at the World War II MemorialWorld War II Memorial And I loved the atmosphere of the Lincoln Memorial. So many people, from all over the world, were there. And hoards upon hoards of eighth graders. (God bless the sponsors who went on our eighth grade trip to DC! Those trips take some special souls.)

The Lincoln Memorialthe U.S. capitol building

Garret in The Capitol Building

The second morning we were there we went to The Capitol, which Garret was obviously quite excited about, and then the Library of Congress, which was probably my favorite place in the district. It was incredibly beautiful inside. One day I want to go back and actually spend a day there in the reading rooms.

The Library of Congress

Then we went to the other, larger Air and Space Museum. It’s basically several HUGE hangers, filled with amazing stuff. I loved taking photos in all the natural light, while Garret canvased the entire museum and was inconsolably fascinated by all of it.

Air and Space MuseumThat night we got to have dinner in Georgetown with two old friends from high school, which was a blast, and the next morning we got to catch up with another friend from high school who was studying there, before we had to catch our plane.

All in all, it was a very good trip (see part 1 and part 2), and we got to see great people and great places. And, since it was right after our first wedding anniversary, we also counted it as our anniversary trip. Another item I can mark off my 25 before 25 list as complete!

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4 Responses to our days in D.C.

  1. happy anniversary:) i love DC so much. just spent last night there for a wedding and wished i could have stayed much longer. such a great city.

  2. snydeen says:

    Happy Anniversary! I don’t miss the heat, but I do miss visiting all the museums. Love your photography!! Jenny (Raining Umbrellas)

    • Thanks so much for coming by my blog, Jenny! I’m really loving the course so far, hope you are too! I’m also trying to keep up – still need to post my creative prompt from yesterday! 🙂
      Yes, the museums were so enjoyable. Gems at every turn. Thank you for the sweet compliment!

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