road trip to DC: getting there

The week before last, Garret and I got to take a sweet cross-country road trip to Washington, DC. It began with two consecutive 14-hour days in a car together – something we’d never done before! (It was fun but tiring and thankfully we got to fly back to Texas.)

ipod playing the road goes on forever

Garret is a trooper and insisted on driving every minute of it. The first day, he said he just wanted to be able to say he’d driven all the way through an entire state (Arkansas).

Who am I to stand in the way of that kind of raw ambition?

Texarkana water tower

Hope, ArkansasBridge in Memphis, Tennessee

We entertained ourselves by singing our favorite songs obnoxiously loud and listening to an audio book (The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brian). I snapped photos of state line signs and anything else remotely interesting. I also quizzed Garret with The Pioneer Woman’s Big Fat Movie Line Quizzes, which turned out to be really fun!

A barn in the country somewhere in Kentucky or West VirginiaRiver in West Virginia, I thinkThe first day we were pretty much going on adrenaline. The second was fueled by beautiful scenery. When we arrived in West Virginia to spend the night there, Garret said “I could never live here – I’d be so distracted by the scenery that I’d get in a wreck everyday.”

Proof: the beautiful New River Gorge where we got to spend time the next morning.

The New River Gorge I’m so thankful that we got to take this trip together. Sometime soon I’ll share snapshots from the rest of the adventure.

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  1. So fun to see a little bit of your trip. Your pictures are beautiful!

    • Thanks Jenni! I really enjoyed taking and editing these. The trip just kind of fell in our lap and we were so grateful because DC was at the top of our list of places we wanted to go together!

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