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Cooking healthy, hearty, cheap-as-possible  meals is one of my goals for our home. We do not eat all-organic or super healthy, partly because of budget reasons, but I’m trying to implement small improvements slowly. We’ve been working on using wholewheat flour more, cooking sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, using meat more sparingly and eating more frugal proteins, and choosing yogurt instead of ice cream – sometimes. Let’s be honest, ice cream is a tough one!

me cooking in our kitchenMe, cooking in our lil’ kitchen last summer after a workout.

Some of my favorite blogs for recipes are:

Pinterest is also flippin’ amazing when it comes to recipes. My recipe board is for sure a long-term to-try list. There’s so much inspiration on Pinterest that next time I’m craving some crazy-fattening dessert, I’m just going to go look at pin boards like this. Maybe.

A few recipes that I recommend and have added to our usual rotation:

  • Wholewheat Pizza Pockets: my favorite part of the recipe is that the dough is so easy. Just yogurt + butter + wholewheat flour. Substituting pesto and chicken instead of the usual pepperoni is our new favorite.
  • Baked French Fries – lots of options and room to improvise here: Russet potatoes, Parsnip fries with peanut butter (but I recommend going easy on the PB), sweet potato fries.
  • Quinoa Cakes with Spinach and Goat Cheese: These were tasty, once I learned to cook the patties long enough. But also, in the future I think I’ll just cook the quinoa mixture and not make it into cakes sometimes. It was REALLY good! Also, I had never known how healthy and nutritious quinoa was – tons of protein!
  • Spinach and pinto bean enchiladas: Healthy, yummy enchiladas! (Caitlin’s recipe includes sweet potatoes in the filling, but after trying it we preferred it without.)

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2 Responses to New recipe favorites

  1. Jules says:

    Yummmmy. I’m definitely gonna have to try the pizza pockets. 🙂

    • Yeah, I think you would like them! Cooking quinoa actually made me think of you because it is so nutritious and I know you’re sometimes on the lookout for good foods that pack a nutritional punch.

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