Yarn wreath :: Yes, I can finish a project!

I saw this yarn wreath on Pinterest a while back and once I found some tutorials I decided it was do-able. It turned out to be pretty fun. And, I finished it (!) in only a month! Ha.

I used these tutorials:

wreath supplies


  • Wreath form
  • Yarn (The wreath I saw on Pinterest used shimmery yarn – I didn’t. I’m cheap.)
  • Pearly stem thingies from the floral department
  • Yellow felt sheets
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Wrapping the wreath took about two hours one night, while watching TV with Garret. I got embarrassingly tangled in the yarn at first, until I stopped being lazy and started putting the whole thing of yarn all the way through and around the wreath form with each wrap.

Wreath suppliesAnd then… I let it sit for 2 weeks – a completely necessary step. It’s in the tutorial I swear.

my wreath form wrapped in grey yarnThen, I sat down one night and finally made and glued the flowers.

Gluing a felt flowerClearly I need to work on my “self portrait while using glue gun” skills.

Yellow Felt flower

Finished yarn wreathAnd then, I let it sit for a few more days. Again- required step. But, I have finally hung it up, on our guest room door. Inside. Husband said it was too girly for the front door, and you know, I see where he’s coming from. But, I love it! My grey+yellow streak continues.

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4 Responses to Yarn wreath :: Yes, I can finish a project!

  1. Jenn says:

    So cute!!!! How did you do the flowers?

    • Thanks! For the flowers, I just used those second two tutorials I mentioned at the top. The roses were harder than the poms for me – the poms are really easy and fun to make!

  2. It looks great! I love the pearl accents on it. Congrats on finishing a project. Don’t you hate it when the tutorials make you wait a month 😉

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