25 before 25 :: 2 down

As of yesterday, I can fully scratch off 2 things from my 25 before 25 list! WHOOP!

22. Improve my 5K time.

5K running gear

Bright and early yesterday morning, I ran a 5K with a friend and it was super fun! My wonderful husband even got up with me at 5 a.m. to help me get there early, and he cheered us on. My goal was to improve on my last 5K time, which was about 35 minutes (last December, had to stop and walk in the middle). I finished this one in about 32:37 and was so happy! Like I mentioned before, I’m training for a 10K with my friend Meghan, and I wanted to run this race for practice before the big one in April. I’m obviously not a very speedy runner (darn stubby legs); but, despite the fact that there were way too many very enthusiastic elementary school aged kids passing me by during the race, I met my goal, so I’m a happy girl!

3. Organize my recipes

I know this isn’t that big of a goal; it was one of the smaller ones on the list, but was a good step in getting our kitchen more organized. I had a lot of recipes printed from online, floating around the kitchen table, counter, bookshelf, etc., so I finally got them and other new recipes all organized into a binder and box last weekend.

My recipe binder and boxNothing at all fancy (i.e. classy post-it note divider tabs). Just functional! I also came up with a new system to help me do better at meal-planning (ish). When I “plan” meals for us, again it’s not fancy, I just pick out 7-8 dinner recipes to last us two weeks, but I don’t assign them to specific days. I just make the list, try (and usually fail) to just get those ingredients and essentials at the store, and then each night we can pick what we’re in the mood for. Works for us right now since it’s just us two. And, real dinners don’t always happen. If I’m running after work or Garret is studying late, grilled cheeses, leftovers, and cereal often count for dinners. Yeah, we’re still sort of hybrid grown-ups/college students.

Meal planning list and recipes

Anyways, this week I came up with a short cut to help me cook “real” dinners more and stay organized. I gathered the recipe pages and cards I needed, put them in a plastic page protector, and then clipped that on the fridge with my list and ta-da now I won’t have to search to find the recipe I need each night. I can just slip them out off of the clear pocket on the fridge. It’s not nearly as cute as this meal planning board, but it works for me.

meal planning on fridge

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  1. Jules says:

    yay, way to go friend! 🙂

  2. haha “hybrid grown-ups/college students” I definitely know that feeling. Good job meal planning. Anything that can make that easier. And YAY on your run. That is awesome!

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