a soft haze

I set my glasses down on my desk, fix my eyes gently towards the large window, and all the world is but smooth blur, soft haze. No more hard lines, sharp corners, concrete numbers and figures. I’m so thankful for that window. The sunshine and blue. As long as I can, I sit still and inhale the haze. Remember to breathe. Remember gratitutde.

buildings in brenham

And as I gaze, I remember that there isn’t true freedom in selfish escape. But praise Jesus, there is freedom in hope and thankfulness.

I will not try to pour the entire rest of my day into this shifty hope of escaping into ethereal afternoon. I will not attempt mental vacation from my good, unglamorous, but also undeserved life full of sweet responsibilities and sweet grace.

No, I will breathe in that beautiful, foggy reflection, and then put on my glasses, attempt to cup the gratitude in my hands,  and set them back to work.

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