25 before 25

When I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions one morning the week after Christmas, I got a little bit of vision for a few things to work on this year, and I think I’m going to use Ann Voskamp’s 100 Days printable – just focus on doing 3 new habits for 100 straight days. I’ll share those later, but while I was thinking about goals, I decided to join in on the trend of doing 30 before 30 type lists, and make a 25 before 25 list for me. It was SO fun to make this list! Some things will be free but take a lot of time, some things like trips will require some saving, and some will be super fun. They’re kind of sorted by level of difficulty, but #23-25 especially scare the crud out of me.
Even if they don’t all happen, I think it’s going to be a blast working through these. One troublesome part of my personality is that I love coming up with ideas and starting projects, but often leave them half-finished. I’m hoping this list will help me finish things. I’ve got 15 months to complete this list, and I’ll write update posts as I move through it!

  1. Make homemade tortillas.
  2. Donate items to Goodwill or a local charity once a month.
  3. Organize my recipes.
  4. Complete perpetual calendar and make/send birthday and anniversary cards regularly.
  5. Sew something. Anything!
  6. Finally get the 120 film from my Holga developed (in Austin) and buy and take more.
  7. Plant a garden, however small.
  8. Scan and save Mom’s tintype photos, and other old photos of her family.
  9. Take a weekend to go to museums in DFW.
  10. Learn how to use all of the controls on my SLR.
  11. Go to Antiques Week in Round Top.
  12. Go on a 1 year anniversary trip with my love!
  13. Take tutorials to improve my Adobe Photoshop and InDesign skills.
  14. Wear that amazing black dress for the first time.
  15. Join a gym and start lifting weights again.
  16. Read through old journals and spend time reflecting.
  17. Memorize new scripture every month.
  18. Visit Marfa, TX.
  19. Read and finish 25 books. (See book list post – coming soon!)
  20. Catch up on all scrapbooking (8 different projects).
  21. Make Christmas stockings for Garret and I.
  22. Improve my 5K time.
  23. Run a 10K in Spring 2011, and a half marathon in Fall 2011.
  24. Sell my photographs and make a profit.
  25. Improve my blog. Make it encouraging, artistic, and profitable.
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12 Responses to 25 before 25

  1. Chrissy says:

    I went to Round Top/Warrenton in the fall! It is about 30 minutes from Schulenburg and it is FANTASTIC. Basically a glorified Canton. You should come! It’s only twice a year though. The next one will be March/April. I’m not sure what goes on year-round but it’s still super cute and fun!

  2. jenn says:

    Those are fun goals!!

    • Thanks, Jenn!! I tried to come up with some fun, some not so fun, some easy and some more difficult. I’m going to try to have bigger picture goals for just this year or semester as well, but I think these little, more measurable things will be enjoyable and realistic to keep up with. And everybody loves checking things off of a list! ha.

  3. Sydney says:

    I will be your tour guide in Marfa!

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  5. Kim says:

    What a fun list! I just got a new camera for Christmas, and I would love to learn all the controls too, ha!

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