Giveaway: Christmas shopping with a purpose

Today is the first ever giveaway on Every Good and Perfect Gift! I’m super excited and I’m praying that your hearts will be soft as you read about this ministry. And maybe you’ll win a sweet gift certificate for some beautiful goods benefiting Haiti, too!

Heartline Ministries is located in Port au Prince, Haiti, where they “work to provide the women and children in their community with a safe place to learn about Jesus and to adopt life-skills.” Heartline is making a real difference in Haiti, bringing hope and redemption.  Create for Haiti is a project started by three college friends to benefit Heartline’s women’s program. I learned about this neat opportunity from my friend Jenn, who is a sweet photographer and part of the Create for Haiti project. Their products are all gorgeous, and until Christmas they are each donating 15% of their profits to Heartline:

Create for Haiti info and image

From Create for Haiti:

We are three college friends and small business owners joining together to offer a percentage of profit  to support Heartline Ministries in Haiti. Be sure to read up on Heartline Ministries and the wonderful women’s program. Through these purchases, you get to be part of God’s work in Haiti.

You are part of empowering hard-working women to earn a livable wage by learning to sew purses. You are part of helping mothers care for their babies by being taught what is healthy for them. You are part of preventing children from being cast off as orphans due to lack of resources for mothers to feed and clothe them. You are part of a redemptive process of women learning the truth that sets them free!

This website is a one-stop shop for cardsgifts, and photography services.

If you need gift ideas, here are some of my favorites from the Create for Haiti artists. Jenn Straznicky Photography’s holiday package sessions are a seriously sweet deal if you live nearby in Texas! Hollyday Cards’ Peace Christmas Card is so colorful and cute! Ashley Carter Design’s Muslin Rosette Fall Wreath is simply beautiful! And since I’m a sucker for golden hues, my favorite from Sunshine Fabric is definitely the elegant Woodcut in Safron! So much good stuff to choose from!!

Also, if you’re participating in the 30-Day Giving Challenge, shopping at Create for Haiti would be a great and easy way to give!

So, here are the details. From today until 10 p.m. CST this Saturday, Nov. 26, you have the chance to enter to win:

  • One $20 gift certificate towards any of the lovely products available on Create for Haiti.
  • A matching donation straight to Heartline Ministries in your honor or in honor or memory of someone dear to you. *

Here’s how you can enter. Do as many of the bonus entries as you like, and leave a comment here for each:

FYI, Yellow Songbird is also giving away Hollyday Cards product benefiting Heartline this week, so check that out as well!

More Heartline-related links:

  • Heather Hendrick and her family live in Haiti and she blogs about the realities of life there, as well as Heartline’s programs, which she has witnessed and helped with. Her writing is powerful and painfully poignant; her stories will break your heart wide open, so watch out. (Here’s one post about what’s taught at Heartline.)
  • Visit Heartline and scroll down to the donate button to give directly to them.
  • Haitian Creations is Heartline’s online store, where you can order purses “hand made in Haiti by the women of the Heartline Ministry Sewing program,” or sign up to host a purse party. The purses are beautiful! Right now their site says: “Due to issues with the transport of purses out of Haiti, our stock of purses for sale online is currently depleted. If you would like to host a purse party, you can still get your name on our purse party waiting list and we will contact you as purses become available.”
*As a disclaimer, and because I’m self-conscious, I wanted to add that I really debated whether or not to include this in the post, but I did so because I believe that both creative fundraising efforts like profit-shares as well as direct support are important to ministries like Heartline, and I wanted to transparently show commitment to that. Please see my heart in this and don’t take it as anything else. Thank you for reading and for caring about Heartline!
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  1. marina says:

    How awesome that women in theirprogram are given milk, vitamins and medicine to help them have a healthy pregnancy.

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  6. Tara says:

    Hey sweet girl! I’d love to enter your giveaway! I read about Heartline…love it. It reminds me so much of the women I worked with in Kenya.

    Loove you!

  7. Tara says:

    I’m also following Ashley’s fabric blog =)

  8. Tara says:

    ….and a fan of Jenn of fbook

  9. facebooked create for haiti website

  10. love, love, love what you’re doing!!!

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