decor, oil, and salt and pepper on top of our oven/range top

Our first home was supposed to be a three bedroom rent-house, slightly rundown. (Someone –me – had on rose-colored glasses when we walked through it the first time. I had thought it was a deal. It was actual not, at all.) Thanks to God’s grace via large masses of insects in that house when Garret was supposed to start moving into it – exactly one week before our wedding – we got out of that lease and into a smaller, but cheaper, and sun-shinier apartment.

Seriously. Grace via roaches. It was new to me, too.

yellow canvasses

We’re so thankful for that change of plans that has turned into a blessing for us in this newlywed season. And I’m so very thankful for the sweet, bright gifts that lovely folks gave us for our new home and new life.

guest bed

This is our guest room – it gets a lot of sun and its details are yellow and grey. That happy pallet has been a good fit for a room that serves about 15 different purposes.

fresh flowers

I really like my green Fiesta pitcher. When guests are coming over it’s just right for cheery fresh-cut flowers.

Found our Harbour print

That adorable personalized print is from Freya Art. It warms my heart. Also, that print in the first photo is from Slide Sideways.

my new deskAnd this is my new desk. It’s looking more lived-in now since I took that photo, and more of those fun cubbies are full. Thanks to Ikea and a resourceful husband, I have a wonderful craft/writing/creative/everything desk space.

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    I love the little cubbies!

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