thirty days

After a weekend full of catching up with friends, Garret and I have been pretty lazy today after getting back from church. We’re watching the World Series and cheering for the Rangers, and I’m trying really hard not to get a cold. (I wish I had this homemade cold remedy ready to go, but I don’t and it takes a month, sad day. It’ll just be OJ and rest for me.)

I’m participating in the 2nd annual 30-day Give and I’m so excited about it! I remember following it last year, and last Thursday after reading Kingdom First Mom I decided to accept the challenge because it sounded like a sweet opportunity and a good growing experience. This was part of Alyssa’s vision for the month:

“To impact more lives, to bless more strangers, to give even more all in the name of Jesus.”

me, holding a heart drawn on a piece of paper

Last week I printed off the calendar they provided and started penciling-in ideas. Nothing huge, just trying to do something small and thoughtful each day. Some baked goods here, mailing a small note to a friend there, and both Garret’s birthday and my mom’s birthday are in this month, so I’m looking forward to giving on those special days and looking for creative ways to be generous all the other days. I’ll probably write about it once a week.

Have you heard about the 30-day give? Check it out!

30-Day Giving Challenge

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