the Gospel of grace

a bush of pink roses

“The gospel of grace calls us to sing of the everyday mystery of intimacy with God instead of always seeking for miracles or visions. It calls us to sing of the spiritual roots of such commonplace experiences as falling in love, telling the truth, raising a child, teaching a class, forgiving each other after we have hurt each other, standing together in the bad weather of life, of surprise and sexuality, and the radiance of existence.

Of such is the kingdom of heaven, and of such homely mysteries is genuine religion made. The conversion from mistrust to trust is a confident quest seeking the spiritual meaning of human existence. Grace abounds and walks around the edges of our everyday experience.

The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning (ch. 4)

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2 Responses to the Gospel of grace

  1. loooove this, leslie. i knew who the voice as soon as i read the first words. i have known brennan for twenty years. he used to come and speak at my family’s conference center at least once, sometimes twice, a year. if ever there was a minister of grace, it is most definitely brennan.

    loved reading your about me and your intro post, too. what an awesome, inspired idea you have. i look forward to checking in with you when it’s my turn for marriage. (in fifty years.)

    p.s. you and i sound like we would have been bff’s growing up – the grace journey and not being a good christian (a phrase i use frequently a la anne lamott). oh, and living on a farm. which, actually, i didn’t do. but my grandparents lived in a big farmhouse, so i liked to pretend it was our ‘farm’.


    • I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you!!
      That’s so awesome that you know Brennan Manning! Ragamuffin Gospel makes me cry like a babe.
      As far as the farm goes, I grew up like a half city, half county girl – spending a lot of weekends with my fam at my grandparents’ farm, and then eventually my dad was the main caretaker of it and we went there a lot. I love the peace and quiet out there.
      But yeah, I do think we have a lot in common! So glad I found your blog. Keep writin’ that truth, girl!

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