this love


by megan burges.

“I’ve heard it said that love fades
Like thirsty flowers in the sun
They say romance is like the summer rain
That melts away as quickly as it comes

But what do they know of a love that’s built upon
More than the shifting sand of earthly fairy tales
My love for you will only grow from this day on
This love will thrive where others falter and grow stale

This is love is made of more than promises alone
This love is fueled by heaven’s strength, not our own
Beyond roses and diamond rings
Beyond the temporary things
That human plans and human dreams are made of
Angels sing of the wonder of this love”

– This Love, a song by Eric and Leslie Ludy, p. 57 of A Perfect Wedding


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3 Responses to this love

  1. Diana says:

    Beautiful, all of it, just beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Diana! The sweet little book that this song is from is really precious. Thanks for visiting – glad you commented and I found your cute blog! 🙂

  3. STUNNING photograph! Isn’t it amazing to think that you’ll soon be the bride in a photo like this??? I can’t imagine planning a wedding with all the weath of inspiration you have at your fingertips… I bet your wedding be filled with SUCH amazing love, creativity and beauty! And you’ll have this blog to preserve it all!!!

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