what the Lord has taught me lately

Rearview mirror and sun rays


An eerie and calm sunset

Old theater seats in a small Texas town

A county courthouse in Texas

a beautiful sunset


In Christ, I can have…
joy in walking the mundane,
love in the midst of brokenness,
vision for the routine,
hope in spite of reason,
songs instead of demands.

*All film photos by me


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6 Responses to what the Lord has taught me lately

  1. hey i love your blog! i love that you love film! and that your love for Christ is so strong! {katrina}

    • thank you so much katrina! i’m so glad you like it!
      i really really really appreciate the encouragement. i so badly want to communicate the beauty and love of the Lord in this space.
      i love your work!!

  2. Woot! Woot! I am LOVING that photo of the rear view with the sun… b-e-a-utiful, my dear!

    Would you mind if maybe I used it for one of my “Happy Weekend” posts in the future?


  3. christy says:

    hello, friend! the photos are gorgeous! and i love what you wrote … you put what’s on my heart beautifully into words 🙂

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