So… time for a non-wedding-related confession: I’m a film addict.

It started last fall when I met the Lomo Fisheye. Lomography and lo-fi plastic camera goodness has been around forever, but I had no clue.  I quickly became hooked, started looking around, and found Holga, Mr. White Slim Angel, and… several others. They hang out on my desk and in my purses, and I frequent the photo counter at Walgreens. And, I spend sizable chunks of time on Flickr. It’s so lovely to run out of the office during lunch and go play at a park with my toy cameras – really life-giving for me and my soul.

But last weekend, I bought my classiest film cam yet – at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin. (I first heard about the sale from The Vintage Laundress, who was delightful to meet, btw! I purchased an apothecary jar from her for our wedding candy bar! Yay caaaaaaaaandddyyyy)

See, I was still yet to own an SLR. An awesome DSLR is certainly on my wishlist, but currently my digital is a Sony Cybershot, which is fine for me. But, last weekend at City Wide, I bought an Olympus OM10 and its flash for only TEN BUCKS from a very nice booth owner. I was quite a happy girl.

My Olympus OM10 - the newbie.

I finally have an SLR – yippee!  So, my love obsession with film continues, and I am pretty happy about it. Here’s a couple of its captures from this past week, and my mini-spring break, which was wonderful!

The courthouse in Hilsboro, Texas

Tulip love - spring is here!

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  1. Dognbird says:

    This explains your exquisite photo choices when you blog! 🙂

  2. The tulip photo is gorgeous!

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