credit where credit is due

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This weekend Garret and I had our very first shower – a very fun co-ed shower thrown by our long-time best friends who are now happily married. It was a very fun weekend with lovely friends and family.

Tonight I was reflecting on where I should head next with this blog, and one of my first thoughts was… “give credit where credit is due.”

And frankly, The Lord deserves full and total credit for Garret and I being at this point: celebrating our coming marriage with such a wonderful support system.

I believe that this is true for every love story, but the various hilarities in ours make it abundantly apparent to me that we had a lot of help! You’ll see what I mean…

We started dating in high school, when he was 2 months shy of driving, and I honestly just wanted a boyfriend to have one. After literally years of talking and flirting at church and school, we “talked” for one week, and then made it “official.” Oh, high school… it was indeed an awesomely wise and godly start to a relationship – haha NOT! We had little idea what we were doing.

But soon, even my little homecoming-mum-wearing, volleyball-spandex-short-sportin’ high school self knew that something was different with he and I. We were quite feisty and when it was time to disagree or come to a rough patch, well, we didn’t hold back. However, during those moments when our relationship and conversations were messy and frustrating, I never wanted to give up on Garret. When it was hard, we always fought for each other and pressed on to work things out. And when we came to those rough circumstances (relatives dying, long-distance relationship time, learning to truly trust each other more), God blessed us with the will to not accept surface interactions, but press each other to be real and open.

And I know now, without a doubt, that it was only by the Grace of God, that He was gracious to mature us and protect our relationship and teach us sweet truths through each other.

Our Father is so sweet, and I gladly give Him all the credit for bringing and keeping Garret and I together for over six years. We are so very imperfect, but we serve a God who makes “beauty from ashes, strength from fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair” – and in our case, He’s made high-school sweethearts into soon-to-be real deal husband and wife, seeking after Him together.

Grace is seriously wonderful.

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  1. s + b says:

    what a sweet post, thanks for reminding me 🙂 sometimes i forget that everything i have comes from up above.

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