The miracle of everlasting love

“Christ performed His first miracle on earth while attending a wedding.

Why choose a wedding for such a momentous occasion? Because a wedding is the perfect enunciation of His great plan. It’s a picture of selfless love, binding covenant, sacred generosity, and sacrificial friendship. A wedding is an earthly picture of God’s heavenly agenda. God came to earth to rescue His bride. He came to earth for the purpose of covenanting with the ones He loved.

As far as God is concerned, a wedding isn’t merely a formality; it is a demonstration of His gospel to all those who witness on earth and in the heavenly realms. …

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The model of the world’s love brings out the choice wine in the beginning of the celebration, and then from that point on the quality disintegrates… Christ has a different model, a revolutionary model, which He proved with His very first miracle.

The quality of the celebration, the romance, and the intimacy only get better with time when we invite Him to the wedding and allow Him to build the marriage.

When Christ isn’t invited to the wedding, the six stone jars remain unused, and no miracle takes place. The sweet wine is used up in the beginning of the romance, and the stone jars are unable to fill themselves full of water and transform it into a fine wine.

The difference between a failed wedding and a successful one comes down to one very simple thing – the guest list. Was Christ invited?

If not, the marriage may start out with the song and dance, but it ends with disappointment and regret. The wine will run out.

Every day around this world, stone jars remain empty and the spark of celebratory love fades with the turn of the hour hand on the clock. Christ was not invited to the wedding; He was not asked to fill our stone jars with the ordinary substance of life and transform it into the extraordinary substance of lifelong and ever-growing marital beauty.

When He is our Guest of Honor, our Wedding Coordinator, the Testator of our covenant, not only will our celebratory wine never run out, but it will get tastier and tastier as the love story progresses.

This is God’s way. He invented married love to be a foretaste of His love. He designed marriage to be an early sampling of eternal life in heaven with Him as our Bridegroom. And His version of love, just like fine wine, gets better as time passes.”

A Perfect Wedding by Eric and Leslie Ludy

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