My least favorite wedding thing

The guest list.

Making the guest list sound innocent enough. We get to have so many people that we love all in one place! Fun! We struck out with bold goals like, “We only want to invite people that we could hold a decent conversation with…”

Father & Bride, originally uploaded by …Ryan B..

Well, that didn’t last long. (I’m trying to toe the line between honest and cynical here!) It seems inevitable that, originating from both parents and the bride/groom, questions and worries and conflict intermingle themselves in the guest-list writing/parring-down/fretting-over:

“But what if we offend so-and-so? … What about all the people in ___ group? What about my co-workers? Well, they invited us to their daughter’s wedding…”

Putting the final touches on the GL and keeping it under 200 invites, because our reception locale has limited space, is where I’m at right now. And it’s definitely been my least favorite part of the process. I struuuuugle to see the guest list with purpose, what with all these other worldly worries tugging at me. I need perspective and motivation. And I need to hurry up and finish it so we can send out the save the dates!

I greatly wish all of our guests would:

  • Genuinely want to be there and celebrate with us
  • Be encouraged by the heart and soul of our wedding
  • Be invited because us and/or our family really cares about them, not because of obligation

More posts later with GL advice from Christian wedding books. Now I’m off to work on mine!

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